La Veranda – Fuente Nueva, Andalucia

Here are some facts about La Veranda:

La veranda covers an area of approx. 3,000 sq.m. That doesn’t sound like much, but it is, since almost all spaces are underground in the mountain.

The caves have been inhabited since the 15th. /16. Century, but probably much, much longer.

The recently renovated living space, divided into 3 cave houses, is approx. 740 sq.m.

There are several, partly very large salons/living rooms, 13 bedrooms, 3 kitchens and 8 bathrooms. However, there are 40 rooms in total listed in the basic book….

3 cave houses and 1 cave apartment slowly being renovated by me. 2 more cave houses below to be added if they are for sale.

2 of the renovated homes will be rented out by me to self-catering weekly starting late May, beginning of June.

Into the largest cave house, the real “La Veranda” will be inhabited by me.

Most rooms are equipped with antique 18th century furniture and art. /19. Century.

The caves have the same climate all year round with temperatures of approx. 18 – 21 degrees, yet there are many wood stoves and electric stoves, as well as a huge open fireplace for the frozen.

Each of the cave houses has its own patio and a somewhat large garden.

A not so small pool is available to my guests and me, a hot tub is reserved for me and my personal guests.

A private area is available in my cave with bedroom and private bathroom with shower for my personal guests.

These are the first information for all interested, many more reports will follow and of course a website will be created.

Many greetings

Your Christian